Eric A. Goldman

A House Divided: Some early observers of the film thought it was almost too pro-Semitic.

Hollywood's Most Misunderstood and Forgotten Jewish Movie Returns

‘The House of Rothschild’ is one of the most misunderstood classics of early Hollywood. Eric Goldman explains the history of the movie, which returns to the small screen tonight.

At Home: ?Lies My Father Told Me? portrays a domesticity made exotic by time and French-Canadian location

In Search of ‘Lies My Father Told Me’

Sometimes, a movie strikes us just right and we carry it with us through life. For me, it was a movie’s opening scene, with a horse-driven carriage making its way through the back alleyways of Montreal. Running after the wagon is a young boy looking for his grandfather, crying out “Zayde!” In the background, we hear Kenny Karen singing Sol Kaplan’s moving “Rags, Clothes, Bottles” as the snow is blowing, the wind is howling and the boy’s grandfather is somehow beyond reach. That film is “Lies My Father Told Me” (1975).