Haaretz/chemi shalev

Saudi King Abdullah 'Treasures’ Dagger Gift From Hitler

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah keeps, “treasures” and sometimes shows off a dagger given by Adolf Hitler himself to a visiting Saudi delegation in 1939.

No Chance: Hassan Rouhani may have tweeted a Rosh Hashana greeting to Jews, but his former countrymen aren?t convinced of his moderate stance.

Iranian Jews in the United States Refuse a Meeting With Visiting President Rouhani

The Iranian Jewish community in the U.S. has declined an official invitation to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during his current visit to New York.

Chuck Hagel Nod Could Spark Battle on Israel

There are increasing indications that U.S. President Barack Obama plans to push ahead with the appointment of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, setting the stage for a fierce political confirmation battle in which Israel will play a central role.