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Bay Yam Mayor Shlomo Lahiani has been charged with corruption, but he says public will judge him at the ballot box.

Two Thirds of Israelis Believe Municipality Is Corrupt

The Holyland indictments, which taint Jerusalem’s former municipal elite with massive corruption, along with the past year’s arrests of mayors on suspicion of the same sorts of crimes, albeit on a much lesser scale, have apparently left their mark on public opinion. About two thirds – 63% - of Israelis think their municipality is infected with corruption.

Let Them Go: Palestinians hold up signs with faces of Palestinian prisoners currently being held in Israeli jails.

Israel's High Court Will Rule on a Petition Against Releasing Palestinian Prisoners

The High Court of Justice was asked on Wednesday to reject a petition to overturn a government decision to release 104 Palestinian prisoners.

Jaffa Flea Market Vendor Charged With Rape of American Tourist

Two Jaffa flea market vendors suspected of sexually assaulting an American tourist were indicted Sunday in a Tel Aviv court.