Haaretz/Zvi Bar'el

Challenges: Hamas?s grip on Gaza may be weakening as other regional developments in Egypt, Iran and Syria take place.

Hamas Struggles To Stay Afloat Amid Challenges from Syria, Egypt and Iran

Hamas’ external leadership has instructed the movement’s leaders in Gaza to refrain from public expressions of support for the Muslim Brotherhood and cease all activities by its military wing in support of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

An Egyptian holds up posters during a protests against President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood as they join thousands at Egypt?s landmark Tahrir square on June 30 in Cairo.

Egyptian Protesters Want Morsi Out but Haven't Thought of Replacement

One public square against another, a million against a million, an “uprising against the robbers” against the “red line of legitimacy” as protesters say – that’s how Egypt began its war of titans three days ago, set to reignite today. The fear is great and real. Will the stones hurled in Alexandria and Cairo turn into mass shootings? After all, the country is awash with millions of weapons, the booty from the Libyan uprising. Will the army, which deployed its brigades and put its air force on alert as if to defend the homeland, act this time against citizens rather than the foreign enemy?