Jay Michaelson

Jay Michaelson

Jay Michaelson

What?s Next?: Birthright alumni where were served by the organization Birthright NEXT will now be redirected to other existing Jewish organizations.

Why Birthright Next Was Doomed From the Start

The news that Birthright Next is winding down has come as a surprise to many. But Jay Michaelson says the effort to engage alums of the free trips to Israel was doomed from the start — and he explains why.

Palestinians wave a giant national flag during a demonstration in March.

American Jews Should Have a New Goal — Recognizing Palestine

Now is not the time for despair among liberal American Jewish supporters of Israel. We must respond to new realities with one important move: urging our own government to recognize Palestine.

Don't Be Shocked by Jewish Honor for Anti-Gay Pastor Charles Stanley

The Jewish National Fund is honoring Charles Stanley, an anti-gay pastor. Jay Michaelson says that’s not shocking given the growing alliance between pro-Israel and evangelical Christians.

Homme Fatale: In ‘The Night We Called It a Day,’ Dylan and Robert Davi vie for a woman’s affection

So, Why Are Bob Dylan’s Videos So Violent Anyway?

If you’ve been watching Bob Dylan videos lately, you may have noticed that many of them are violent. Jay Michaelson set out to uncover what’s behind all the gunshots, stabbing and torture.

A Haggadah for Just About Every Taste

When it comes to this year’s Passover Haggadot, you can have it your way. From Canadian and trilingual to Open Orthodoxy, Jay Michaelson rounds up the most exciting new additions.

Bibi’s Win: All his cards were left on the table.

We Might Have Lost — But We Were Right About Bibi

The left lost the Israeli elections. But Jay Michaelson thinks it can take away one important gift: Benjamin Netanyahu finally revealed himself and his ugly ideology.

Jeb Bush's Lurch to the Right

Jeb Bush is seeking to placate evangelicals by naming an anti-gay hardliner to his policy team. Jay Michaelson explains why Jewish moderates should be very worried.

A Twisted Truth: Will Israeli voters look beyond fear and propaganda?

A Letter to the Israeli Voter

Jay Michaelson has something to tell Israel as it gets ready to vote: Don’t let Benjamin Netanyahu turn the Jewish state into a pariah nation.

Scare Tactics: Netanyahu tends to blur distinctions between different groups of Muslims.

Bibi Shows How Fear Makes Bad Policy

What Netanyahu demonstrated in his speech to Congress, Jay Michaelson writes, is an uncanny ability to mobilize fear to his purposes.

Cheating Hasids Out of a Future

A lawsuit in Canada offers a blueprint to reforming the substandard education provided in Hasidic communities. It holds the government accountable for allowing the outrage.