Judy Maltz

How Russian Jews Fell in Love With Reform Movement in Israel

Russian immigrants to Israel went from an atheist country to an Orthodox one. Why would they flock to the Reform movement, the most American of Jewish streams?

Genetics Expert Insists 75% of Jews Share Roots in Middle East

Where did the Jews originate? For DNA expert Bennett Greenspan, the vast majority share Middle East origins — and other theories only aim to ‘discredit the Jews.’

Nod to Change: Rabbi Rick Jacobs pointedly used his 2012 installation as head of the Union for Reform Judaism to symbolize big changes at the group.

Non-Jews Play Growing Role in American Synagogues, Researcher Says

Non-Jews have assumed prominent roles in American Conservative and Reform synagogues, in some cases accounting for a large share of congregation membership.

The R Word: A bar mitzvah is held in a Tel Aviv reform temple. Why do Israelis feel a stigma is attached to the movement’s name?

Why Israel's New Reform Congregations Shun 'R' Word

When the Reform movement recently opened its first congregation in the Negev capital of Be’er Sheva, its members had just one little request: Don’t call it Reform.

A Teaching Moment: Elaine Berg meets with Lemba children in Harare, Zimbabwe.

'Shadow Jews' Outnumber Recognized Members of Tribe

The number of people who believe they are descendants of the Jews or the ancient Israelites about equals the number of officially recognized Jews.

'Birthright' for Newlyweds? It's Coming Soon.

Inspired by Taglit-Birthright’s free trips to Israel for college students, a brand new program will bring Jewish newlyweds from North America on heavily subsidized honeymoons to the Holy Land.

Israeli Chief Rabbinate Will Review Rabbi Freundel's Conversions

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate is reviewing the validity of conversions performed by Rabbi Barry Freundel — despite the U.S. ruling that the ‘peeping’ rabbi’s conversions ‘remain halakhically valid.’

More Orthodox Women Dance With Scroll for Simchat Torah

Many Orthodox synagogues now allow or even encourage women to dance with scrolls on Simchat Torah. More than 100 Israelis shuls have joined in the trend.

Tis the Season: Shofars piled high at Eli Ribak’s shop in Tel Aviv.

Where Do Shofars Come From?

Eleven months of the year, traffic is slow at best at a Tel Aviv shofar store. But as the High Holidays draw near, it’s a madhouse.

Games Go On: Most Israelis are taking the conflict in Gaza, and the barrage of rockets, in stride. It’s not so easy for American vacationers.

American Vacationers Wake Up in Israel War Zone

They came to Israel on vacation and suddenly found themselves in the midst of a war. American tourists were trying to keep their nerve — even as the bomb sirens blared.