Julie Wiener

Shulem Deen On Leaving Hasidism — And His Children

Shulem Deen, a former Skverer Hasid, has just published a memoir describing his experience leaving Orthodoxy. He describes what he misses most about his old life — and what he hopes for the future.

Who Buys All That Hametz?

Ever wonder how the Israeli government gets rid of its chametz, or leavened foods, at Passover?

10 Other Passover Ice Cream Ideas For Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerry’s have come up with a kosher for Passover charoset ice cream flavor. But why stop there? From Manischewitz to macaroon, here are 10 other flavors they should consider.

Will Ben and Jerry's Next Ice Cream Flavor Be Pot?

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream comes in a lot of flavors. With more and more states decriminalizing marijuana, could pot soon be one of them?

Video Killed the Bar Mitzvah Boy

Another slick bar mitzvah invitation video of questionable taste has gone viral. It’s hard not to share these extravagant productions — but are they really necessary?

When Bob Simon's Jewishness Nearly Killed Him

Journalist Bob Simon, who died last night in a car accident, had a brush with death almost 25 years earlier — and being a Jew was the main reason.

Shalom Koresh and his magic kippah

Can 'Magic Kippah' Save European Jews from Anti-Semitism?

Israeli barber Shalom Koresh has designed yarmulkes that blend in with the wearer’s hair. It’s his response to the increasing numbers of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe.

Times Names Best Jewish Books of Year

The New York Times Book Review published its ‘100 Notable Books of 2014’ on its website Tuesday and, not surprisingly, many of them are of Jewish interest.

The New 'War on Christmas' (Or Is It Islam)?

Looks like there’s another so-called War on Christmas, and this time it’s the Muslims, not the Jews, who are being blamed.

Cafe Edison, Jewish Theater District Spot, Closing

Cafe Edison, a modest Theater District coffee shop long favored by Broadway’s cognoscenti, is closing for good.