Julius Novick

Captured Uncaptured: A young Sarah Bernhardt was preserved for posterity by the famous photographer Félix Nadar.

An Actress for The Ages

Robert Gottlieb?s biography of Sarah Bernhardt is the first volume in ?Jewish Lives,? a ?major new series? being offered by Yale University Press. But in what sense did this most legendary of actresses live a Jewish life?

Looking Back: Miller at work in 1987 on his comfortingly cluttered desk in Roxbury, Conn.

View From a Bridge of Posterity

Arthur Miller is, by any measure, the most eminent and the most acclaimed Jewish playwright the world has ever seen. Most people who know his name probably would accept his greatness as a given. Yet he has been attacked vigorously: for his left-wing politics, for his conduct toward Marilyn Monroe, even for being a self-hating Jew. Admirers and detractors of both the man and his work will find plenty of ammunition in Christopher Bigsby’s monumental biography.