Laura Rozen

Social Media Man: Hassan Rowhani Tweeted a Rosh Hashana greeting to Jews, it was seen as evidence of his moderation. Will that translate into a breakthrough on the nuclear deadlock?

What Iran Leader's 'Shana Tova' Tweet Really Means

Is the charm offensive by Iran’s new leader a real shift in nuclear policy? Barack Obama wants the new mullah in town to back up his Tweets with deeds fast.

Change?: Rowhani?s election in early July might signal a shift from his bellicose predecessor.

Will Iran's New President Defuse the Nuclear Crisis?

With Iran’s election of moderate Hassan Rowhani, the United States sees an opening for talks. Could this be the beginning of the end of the nuclear standoff?

Justice for Dzokhar Tsarnaev — and the Rest of Us

Dzokhar Tsarnaev will be tried fairly, defended and punished. Thanks to our justice system, America may get some important answers about the Boston Marathon terror bombing.

All Smiles: By nominating Chuck Hagel, President Obama showed he was ready for a fight. If and when he wins, it may embolden him to pursue his own path on the Mideast.

Chuck Hagel Failure May Haunt Hawks

Hawkish groups hoped to sink Chuck Hagel’s Pentagon bid and teach President Obama a lesson. But they may be the ones who look back on the episode as a cautionary tale.

A BYZANTINE STRATEGY: In his latest book, Luttwak will argue that, in crafting its Iraq strategy, America should look to Byzantium.

The Operator: The Double Life of a Military Strategist

There’s one thing Edward Luttwak wanted me to know, before he asked if I had a cell phone, and if so, could I turn it off and remove its battery, presumably if improbably so that he couldn’t be traced. We were sitting in his office library in his family’s sprawling Victorian home in suburban Chevy Chase, Md., full of books from floor to ceiling in Greek, Latin and from the modern era, volumes by Clausewitz, Walter Lacquer, Theodore Draper’s account of Iran Contra and thousands of others. These included a recent U.S. Military Balance survey, cataloguing the F-14s, F-7s, Phantoms and every other significant piece of military anti-air equipment estimated to be held by Iran — statistics that Luttwak looked up and ticked off during the course of our interview.