Liana Finck

Cut and Paste Your Ancestors

In need of Jewish ancestors? Liana Finck has some for you — just cut out and display!

My Magical Mystery Travelogue

A wild carrot. A shadow. An author. A surreal journey. Liana Finck’s latest comic takes you into her world. And then, far beyond it.

Unusual Creatures That Ruled the World in 2014

The definitive ten best from the world of unusual creatures by Liana Finck — with apologies to Edward Gorey.

New Offerings From the Jewish Bookshelf

Seen enough books about Jewish hipsters? About Israel? Intermarriage? Artist Liana Finck spoofs some of the more hackneyed titles in the Jewish book world.

Childhood Beliefs

Liana Finck asks a very intimate question: What were your childhood beliefs? The answers are enlightening.

What Does God Really Look Like?

As children, we all have different thoughts of what God might look like. Graphic artist Liana Finck found almost no two people have the same image in their mind’s eye.

A Night at The Mmuseumm

Liana Finck visited Mmuseumm, which occupies an abandoned elevator shaft in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Her comic shows it as a place that seems heavenly — until you get too close.

Matt Freedman's Moving and Inspiring Memoir

Matt Freedman’s harrowing and hilarious ‘Relatively Indolent But Relentless’ is totally unlike traditional memoirs. So is Liana Finck’s graphic review of it.

'Dear Abby' Dies — And Ab Cahan Weeps

The Forward’s Bintel Brief was America’s first advice column and ‘Dear Abby’ took the genre mainstream. That’s why Ab Cahan would mourn ‘Abby’s death.

Her Husband Is Not a Mensch

A Forverts reader wrote in 1907 that her life was terrible because her husband was ‘truly not a mensch.’ Liana Finck reimagines this story in graphic form.