Marcy Oster

Cooking for Passover Like a 5-Star Kosher Chef

Marcy Oster thought she’d never have the chance to get holiday recipes directly from the executive chef of a 5-star kosher hotel restaurant. She was wrong.

British Anti-Semitic Incidents Double to All-Time High

A Jewish security watchdog group in Britain recorded 1,168 anti-Semitic incidents for 2014, the highest annual total ever recorded.

Transgender Woman Barred From Kotel — Both Sections

What do you do when, as a transgender woman, you’re denied access to both the women’s and men’s sections of the Kotel? That’s exactly what happened to Kay Long.

Yehuda Glick's Brother Calls Wounded Temple Mount Activist 'Man of Peace'

Yitzhak Glick cannot stand hearing his younger brother referred to as a right-wing “extremist.”

My Life Revolves Around Kidnapped Boys

The kidnapping of three boys has changed the rhythm of life for all Israelis, Marcy Oster writes from the West Bank. But some routines — like hitchhiking — haven’t changed at all.

WhatsApp Is Way of Life for Israelis

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis denounce the messaging service WhatsApp as a threat to Jewish life. Don’t tell that to Israelis, where the app is almost indispensible for families.

Filipina 'X Factor' Sensation Rosa Fostanes Can Only Work as Caregiver in Israel

Rose Fostanes, the Filipina caregiver who won Israel’s “X Factor,” better not give up her day job yet.

Bibi's $1,700 Scented Candle Bill

Israel’s first family seems to like its creature comforts. According to a report by an Israel watchdog group, spending on Netanyahu’s three homes amounted to $934,000 in 2012.

Venezuelan Jewish Community Facing Increased Threats

Even before an attack on a Caracas synagogue in which Torah scrolls were thrown to the floor and “death to the Jews” was painted on synagogue walls, the Jews of Venezuela were feeling threatened. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s rhetoric linking the country’s Jewish community to Israel’s military operation in Gaza caused the Jewish community to step up security a few weeks ago, according to reports.

Shortened Israeli Election Season in High Gear

In an election season compressed into just three weeks due to the military operation in Gaza, during which campaigning ground to a virtual halt, Israel’s political parties have begun to roll out their campaigns ahead of the national elections Feb. 10.