Michael Berenbaum

Back in Time: A 1955 view of the entrance gates to the barracks of Auschwitz.

Voices of Holocaust Survivors Resound in Words of Grandchildren

In essays by grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, one might expect a sense of inadequacy and guilt. Instead, there’s empowerment, and an appreciation of the privileges of freedom.

Hero Historian: Israel Gutman, left, fought in the Warsaw Ghetto resistance and went on to be the Jewish State?s most prominent survivor historian.

Israel Gutman, Warsaw Ghetto Fighter and Historian, Dies at 90

Israel Gutman, Israel’s most prominent survivor historian, died in Jerusalem on October 1.

Vladka Meed, Warsaw Uprising Leader, Dies at 90

Vladka Meed, one of the last surviving leaders of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, died in Phoenix on November 21 just before her 91st birthday.

Shoah Scholar: Henry Friedlander studied the significance of the Nazis? extermination of the disabled as a precursor to the Holocaust against the Jews.

Henry Friedlander, Holocaust Scholar, Dies at 82

Holocaust scholar Henry Friedlander, who established the significance of Hitler’s mass murder of the disabled as a precursor to the Shoah, has died. He was 82.

What the Survivor and Historian Know

Those who lived through the Holocaust understandably have a different perspective on it than scholars who study it. At long last, they are starting to understand one another.

Peter Novick, Historian, Dies at 77

Peter Novick, author of ‘The Holocaust in American Life,’ argued that Jews overused the Holocaust to create a false sense of oppression in the U.S.

Survivor?s Insight: Eli Pfefferkorn survived Majdanek concentration camp. Even six decades later, his tale is gripping and human.

Survivor’s Belated Insight Into Holocaust

Eli Pfefferkorn was sent to a concentration camp and lived to tell about it, albeit 65 years later. He sheds light on how real human beings lived and died amid the horror.

Hyman Bookbinder, 'Passionate Moderate,' Dies at 95

Hyman Bookbinder was an institution in Washington D.C. With a gift for compromise, the AJC leader built support for civil rights and Israel.

Fighter: Henry became an expert in the struggle to retrieve stolen art.

Marilyn Henry, Advocate for Survivors

Marilyn Henry was the quintessential old-school girl reporter — more Hildy Johnson in “His Girl Friday” than Brenda Starr. Her laser-sharp brain could cut through the most complex philosophical, financial, legal, religious and arcane data to get to the heart of a story.

Deadly Destination: Train tracks run through the Birkenau death camp.

Reimagining the Museum at Auschwitz

The number of visitors to Auschwitz is growing by the year, even as the memory of the events that transpired there grows increasingly distant. These are among the reasons that the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum has decided to revamp its exhibitions for the 21st century.