Molly Yeh

Green Eggs and Matzo Brei

Molly Yeh recounts the day her stoner neighbor turned her onto making matzo brei — and shares her rockin’ recipe, made with spinach, garlic, chives and heavy cream.

Coconut Hot Cocoa for Winter

For Molly Yeh, the arrival of winter is something to celebrate. She’s toasting the season with a warming cup of cocoa, made with coconut milk and a touch of honey.

Bagel Stuffing for Thanksgiving

Molly Yeh devises a decidedly Jewish take on stuffing, with bagels as the main ingredient and classic accompaniments such as lox and capers mixed in.

The Marvels of Mandle Bread

Molly Yeh offers a vibrantly photographed step-by-step on how to make mandle bread, touting the sturdy cookie as a favorite sweet — and the perfect addition to any care package.

Coconut Quinoa Comfort for Tisha B'av

In the days leading up to Tisha B’av — especially in light of the war in Gaza — food isn’t as joyous as usual. Molly Yeh offers coconut quinoa as a source of comfort and nourishment.

Your New Favorite Summer Treat: Halva Popsicles

Molly Yeh’s love affair with halva began in Israel, surrounded by pounds upon pounds of the sweet, nutty, fudgey goodness. For summer, she’s got a special treat: halva popsicles.

Fresh Fattoush Salad From the Summer Garden

A Lebanese fattoush salad is the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer. Molly Yeh gives us a fresh take on the classic recipe.

Rosemary Ricotta Blintzes with Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

There are few things better than a blintz fresh from the pan. Molly Yeh makes hers infused with rosemary and topped with strawberry rhubarb compote.

Baked Falafel for Meatless Mondays

Homemade falafel is the perfect meatless meal. Molly Yeh shares a simple recipe that mixes kale into the classic Middle Eastern recipe.

Ivan Orkin: How a Nice Jewish Guy Became a Ramen Master

Ivan Orkin, a Jewish Long Island-native, is an unlikely ramen master. But he swept Toyko’s food scene and now is honing in on New York with rye noodles and schmaltzy stock.