Nir Hasson

Was Herod Ripped Off by Western Wall Builders?

Archeologists say some of the giant stones of the Western Wall are of lesser quality than others. Could it be that builders cheating their royal client, Herod the Great?

3,300-Year-Old Coffin From Time of Pharoahs Unearthed in Israel

A 3,300-year-old Egyptian coffin from the time of the pharaohs has been discovered in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced.

Brave and Beautiful: Doron Matalon wouldn?t back down when an ultra-Orthodox man tried to bully her into going to the back of a Jerusalem bus.

Brave Beauty Queen Who Refused To Go to Back of Israeli Bus

An Israeli soldier and beauty queen was branded a “prostitute” after she refused to move to the back of a Jerusalem bus. But Dorot Matalon wouldn’t budge.

Bookshelves in the Israel National Library.
A scene from the play ?Ghetto,? put on by the Cameri Theater.

Human Rights Groups Warn of Gaza Health System Collapse

Nine human rights organizations joined forces on Wednesday to call for emergency humanitarian relief for the population of the Gaza Strip. At a meeting Wednesday, they warned of a complete collapse of the health system in Gaza, with at least 850 chronically ill patients and hundreds of wounded who have not been treated. They also fear outbreaks of infectious diseases resulting from the collapse of the water and sewage systems in Gaza.