Oren Rawls

The Silence in Cairo Can Be Heard in New York

Last month two Egyptians who normally wouldn’t cross paths — one a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s young guard, the other an outspoken liberal expatriate journalist — found a surprising bit of common ground on the Forward’s opinion page.

Polish Museum Draws Scant Protest

On Tuesday, a “Who’s Who” of American Jewish philanthropists joined Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Warsaw to break ground on the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, an institution being billed as a foundation on which to rebuild understanding between Poles and Jews.

Time To Talk Detente With Tehran

Fact is, Iran is sitting in a rather good position right now, and we did a whole lot to put it there.

Disengagement’s Architect Outlines West Bank Pullout

Ariel Sharon’s sudden exit from the political stage has raised serious questions about the future of Israel’s strategy of unilateral separation from the Palestinians. For answers, the Forward turned to the man who, perhaps more than any other, can claim to be the architect of unilateral disengagement, retired major general Uzi Dayan.Dayan, a

Manhunt for ‘Last Nazi’: A Story Of New Leads or Misled Media?

VIENNA — It would have been a fitting epilogue to the Simon Wiesenthal story.Shortly before the famed Nazi hunter was laid to rest last month, it appeared that the trail leading to his last big prey suddenly had gone hot. Media across Europe breathtakingly reported on the tightening noose around Aribert Heim, the S.S. doctor known as the

Neo-Nazi Brotherhoods Gain Influence

BERLIN — Less than 24 hours had passed since Thorsten Heise and his fellow neo-Nazis were forced to call off their planned show of force here last week. Their failed efforts on the 60th anniversary of the fall of the Third Reich were being celebrated in local papers, under banner headlines such as “A Red-letter Day for Anti-Nazis.”Heise,

In Romania, Preparing for the Future by Facing the Past

VIENNA — At 36, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu is something of a diplomatic wunderkind. Appointed in late December 2004 as foreign minister of Romania, Ungureanu has been tasked with leading the country’s international affairs during the most critical juncture in its post-communist history. On April 25, Romania is set to sign the

Media Shows Arab Street Still Seethes About Israel

VIENNA — For those banking on democratization to reduce Arab hostility toward Israel, the recent public uprising in Lebanon and the Iraqi and Palestinian elections signaled a societal shift. Freedom is on the march in the Arab street, in this view; greater acceptance of the Jewish state would not be long in coming.But those eagerly

Egypt Confronts Double-edged Sword of Reform

CAIRO — In a spartan office within sight of the Great Pyramids at Giza, the civic education clubs of the Taha Hussein Association are busy working to instill the values of citizenship in today’s Egyptian schoolchildren. With a glossy 48-page booklet already in classrooms, director Kamal Mougheeth and his colleagues are trying to mold model


Politics by Other Means: The secret of our success, goes an old CIA proverb, is the secret of our success. The essence of the adage, to judge by recent public criticism of the intelligence community, has been lost on the agency’s fellow spooks over at the Defense Department.For much of the last year, the Pentagon’s prominent role