Phyllis Chesler

Remembering Rivka Haut

A fearless and legendary leader of Jewish women was memorialized, mourned and buried yesterday. Rivka Haut was the world’s leading advocate for agunot.

When Reel Life Intrudes on the Mideast Conflict

People are more than edgy these days. Our careless, civilian ways are endangered — some say by Islamist terrorists, others by Republicans, or by Leftists, or madmen on strike. People are hunkering down; today they talk only to those with whom they already agree.Among Jews, however, nervousness seems to have been elevated to a national sport. How

Breaking Sacred Ground for Equality

On June 20, the second day of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, ultra-Orthodox women physically and verbally attacked a group of religious women praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This was not a spontaneous demonstration of hatred, but rather a calculated action to prove to the Israeli Supreme Court that the prayers of the Women of the Wall, or WOW,