Richard Goldstone

Unique Bond: Jewish South Africans played an outsized role in Nelson Mandela?s life, especially his early rise to political prominence. They will surely join a heartbroken world in mourning his death.

Nelson Mandela, Iconic Leader for Jews of South Africa — and World

Nelson Mandela has become a beloved icon for all of South Africa. Richard Goldstone, the controversial jurist, remembers Mandela’s legacy — and his friendship.

An Injustice to Saddam’s Victims

Last week Adil al-Zubeidi, a leading defense lawyer in the trial of Saddam Hussein and his erstwhile political colleagues, was assassinated on the streets of Baghdad. It was the second such killing in less than a month, and it has caused many to question whether the trial can be a fair one. How, more than a few commentators have asked, can the