Ruchama King Feuerman

Eye for an Eye: The Code of Hammurabi, created by the Babylonian king in ancient Iraq, and some Torah laws share stunning similarities.

How Hammurabi Got Under the Skin of One Orthodox Talmudist

Some Torah laws, such as an eye for an eye, also appeared in the Hammurabi Code of ancient Iraq. That discovery leads Ruchama King Feuerman to a crisis of faith.

Jerusalem: Ruchama King Feuerman needed to find out whether there are bathrooms on the Temple Mount for her book, ?In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist.

My Barber, My Book — and The Temple Mount

The main character in Ruchama King Feuerman’s novel cleans toilets on the Temple Mount. A barber from Passaic helped her find out: Are there really any bathrooms there?

The Evil Eye Remover

The world can seem hopeless sometimes. That’s why there’s a woman in Jerusalem called the ‘Evil Eye Remover’ who can remove any kind of curse for the reasonable price of $101.