Seth Rogovoy

Who's Jewish? Pete Townshend, circa 2000.

The Secret Jewish History of The Who

The Who has recently embarked on a 50th anniversary tour. Seth Rogovoy looks back at the group’s Jewish influences and Pete Townshend’s abandoned plans for a Zionist rock opera.

The Secret Jewish History of Pi

March 14 honors the magic number that has fascinated everyone from Maimonides to Mr. Spock. Seth Rogovoy finds more than 3.14 reasons why Pi is very Jewish.

He Loves a Parade: A Fat Tuesday float rumbles down St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

The Secret Jewish History of Mardi Gras

At first glance, Mardi Gras seems anything but Jewish. But Seth Rogovoy says the holiday and its ‘krewes’ owe a big debt to Purim.

The Red and the Black: Former Floyd front man Roger Waters has used fascistic imagery in his stage shows.

The Secret Jewish History of Pink Floyd

With the release of ‘The Endless River,’ Pink Floyd’s recording career seems to be at an end. But Seth Rogovoy explains how the band’s Jewish history lives on.

Before the Sopranos: David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ was a paradigm-shifting event in TV history.

The Secret Jewish History of ‘Twin Peaks’

Cult television classic ‘Twin Peaks’ is returning to the small screen. Who knew the show featured dybbuks and a mysterious Jewish sofa?

He Will Be Followed: Lead singer Bono has credited Jewish German poet Paul Celan with having had a deep influence on his own writing and turning around his approach to narrative.

The Secret Jewish History Of U2

The Christian influences of U2 have been known for a long time. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost aren’t Bono’s only religious role models, Seth Rogovoy writes.

Born in the Jew-S-A? Bruce Springsteen?s newest album ?High Hopes? is a collection of previously unreleased material.

The Secret Jewish History of Bruce Springsteen — on His 65th Birthday

A tribe held its breath when The New York Times called The Boss “Bruce Springstein.” Even though he’s not Jewish, the typo wasn’t as wrong as it seemed.

Having Fun Fun Fun ‘Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away for Shabbos: The Beach Boys as seen in 1964.

The Secret Jewish History of the Beach Boys

The tousle-haired Beach Boys are an iconic all-American family band. But the guitar of David Marks, a Jewish neighbor, shaped their distinctive California sound.

Purple Fame: Prince collaborated with artists from the Jewish section of Minneapolis.

The Secret Jewish History of Prince

We’re all jamming on the 30th anniversary of ‘Purple Rain,’ by the artist formerly known as Prince. But what about the Jewish story behind the legendary album?

Challah Out: The late Tupac Shakur was gunned down in 1996.

The Secret Jewish History of Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur, who was gunned down in 1996, led a life of turmoil. But a new Broadway musical makes Seth Rogovoy wonder if the brilliant rapper was really just a nice Jewish boy.