Tina Barry

A Fresh View: Aviva Kempner in the window of her Washington home. Kempner?s films tell the stories of unknown Jewish heroes.

A Filmmaker’s Intimate Portrait of ‘Molly Goldberg’

Documentary filmmaker Aviva Kempner sat comfortably in a Manhattan editing room, one sandaled foot extended to admire her pedicure. Her bright-red tunic, busy with flowers, matched her red toenails. “I don’t know why more women don’t have their toes done,” she said with a sigh.

Looking for Doctor; Will Settle for Turkey Sandwich

There are no single men in New York, and everyone knows that. Everyone except my mother. To her, the city is filled with men waiting to make me their wife. I just needed a creative plan for finding them.“If you want to meet a doctor, eat in a hospital,” she advised.Any objections I voiced she waved away. “Look,” she said, “who do