Vita Bekker

As Tourists Buy Holiday Homes, Jerusalemites Gripe of Empty Streets

Just after dusk on a recent evening, days before Rosh Hashanah, the David’s Village residential enclave in Jerusalem showed few signs of life. The spotless pedestrian passageways of the well-guarded complex, just outside the walls of the Old City, were empty of people. Inside most of the 120 or so terraced apartments — primarily owned by wealthy, Orthodox American Jews — the lights were out, curtains were pulled over windows and shutters were down.

Ethiopian Immigration Cut To Pay For Conflict

Israel is planning to halve the rate of Ethiopian immigration to pay for the recent Lebanon war, in a move that critics say would violate the government’s pledge to American Jewish charities to double the rate of new arrivals.

Wave of Bias Attacks Sweeps Diaspora

Jewish leaders of five different continents around the world headed to Israel this week to discuss what they described as the deteriorating security situation in their regions following the war in Lebanon.

Israeli Leaders Hit With Wave Of Scandals

TEL AVIV — With Israelis already angry over their government’s handling of the crisis in Lebanon, Israel has been hit by a wave of scandals involving several top government and military officials.

Israelis Angry Over Neglected Homefront

Israelis are debating the outcome of the war against Hezbollah, but they agree on at least one point: Their government neglected civilians during most of the 34-day conflict with Hezbollah.

Two Deaths Bring Crisis Home to U.S.

For American Jews, the deaths last week of two immigrants to Israel — a soldier and a kibbutznik — brought the conflict in Lebanon closer to home.

Bomb Shelter Saves Patients in Israeli Hospital

Some might call it luck that the worst rocket attack on Nahariya’s Western Galilee Hospital in 25 years caused no casualties. But Deputy Director Moshe Daniel insists it was foresight that saved lives in the July 28 attack.

Bombs Send Tourists South

SAFED, Israel — Since Hezbollah began firing rockets on northern Israel a week ago, no guests have shown up at Aya Peretz’s bed-and-breakfast cabins. It may be the year’s busiest tourism period in the rural north, but Peretz is huddling in a bomb shelter with her husband and three children instead of hosting couples seeking a

Israel’s Celebrity Wedding

The front-page headlines in the Israeli newspapers called it “the wedding of the year.” The guests, some 500 of the hottest celebrities from the worlds of Israeli sports, fashion and entertainment, thronged to a kibbutz catering hall north of Tel Aviv last Sunday to toast the marriage of Israel’s most celebrated beauty queen and one of its

After Attacks, Settlers Bend On Hitchhiking

JERUSALEM — Following a recent wave of Palestinian attacks against Jewish hitchhikers in the West Bank, leaders of the settler movement have started yielding to army pressure and issuing warnings against the dangers of hitchhiking.Settler leaders have long resisted pleas from the military to discourage hitchhiking, citing limited bus service