The Jewish Woman with Journalism’s Biggest Job

What differentiates The Times’s new executive editor, Jill Abramson, from her predecessors is in some ways obvious and in other ways subtle.


Decline of Jews On Capitol Hill Could Mean a Loss of Power

Does the shrinking number of Jews in Congress herald a significant decline in Jewish power or does it simply reflect short-term individual circumstances?


With Celebs and Money, Limmud FSU Bends the Rules To Win

In an effort to make Judaism attractive to young Russian-speaking Jews, Limmud FSU, which hosts popular and well-funded conferences, decided to bend its own rules.


Papers Reveal Secret Struggle To Display Washington’s Letter

The Forward chronicles the Touro Synagogue’s effort to get back George Washington’s 1790 letter guaranteeing religious freedom.


Jewish Seat Threatened By Growing Latino Bloc

The proposed creation of a Latino congressional seat in the San Fernando Valley could displace Howard Berman, one of the House’s most influential members.

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