Coining Haute Judaica

At the intersection of Judaica and high fashion is a new jewelry line that features pendants made out of Israeli coins. The collection is called Kessef, which is the Hebrew word for money and a play on the last name of its 27-year-old founder and designer, Eve Lynn Kessner.

Duck and Cover!

On August 14, the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade in the UK set the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest custard pie fight. With 253 people joining in on the festivities, the group demolished the original record, which was set in 2008 by 120 people in Los Angeles. After unleashing 648 pies in a matter of minutes, those participating in the fight soon found themselves in over 52 gallons of delicious custard. “We did have 650 pies to start with, but I think two got eaten,” said Steven Weller, who organized the pie fight.

Charter School’s New Chief Touts Church-State Separation

This school year, Maureen Campbell, a Jamaican-American woman, will be fulfilling the tricky role of principal of New York City’s first Hebrew-language charter school.

A Jewish Mystic Offers Amulets and Predictions, for $180 A Pop

On a recent Monday afternoon in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, eight women and two men sat patiently in the back room of Neuman’s Optical, tapping their feet, chatting in Russian, reading psalms and occasionally letting out an aggravated sigh. Appropriately, a broken clock hung over the windowless waiting area, where some said they had been sitting for as long as six hours.


Israel Poised To Pass National I.D. Database Law

Israel may become the only democratic country to take biometric information from all citizens and store it in a database.

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