Israel Social Protesters Vow 'All-Out War'

Thousands of Israelis are expected to participate in a series of social protests in Tel Aviv on Saturday, days after two streams within the larger social protest movement decided to join forces earlier in the week.

On Thursday, social protest leaders and those of the Israeli Forum for Equal Service announced that they would team up for the Tel Aviv rally, which will rally for universal military service and against the government’s tough economic measures.

“This isn’t only a young people’s campaign,” said students union chairman and social activist Itzik Shmuli at a news conference yesterday. “It’s the campaign of everyone who bears the economic, social and defense burden - everyone who cares how this country will look in a few years.”

According to Shmuli, “A series of decisions in recent weeks struck at the middle class and lower-income earners. The new economic decrees threaten to crush the middle class and grind down the weaker ones …. They’re the outcome of a government policy that hits people who give and serve. This has to stop.” Social protest leader Stav Shaffir also took part in the conference.

“It’s time to go to an all-out war,” she said. “The games are over.”

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Israel Social Protesters Vow 'All-Out War'

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