Jew Pond's Name Is Officially Changed

A federal board has changed the name of a pond in a small New Hampshire town from Jew Pond to Carleton Pond.

The name change by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names comes six months after Mont Vernon residents voted for the name change, which honors one of the town’s founding families.

The move to change the name of the recreational water hole began two years ago by the town’s health officer, Richard Masters, after he investigated an algae bloom on the pond, learned its official name and called for it to be changed, saying that the name was disrespectful and offensive.

The body of water had been known as Jew Pond since the 1920s, though there are no signs to that effect. The name, however, does appear on maps.

Dug near a hotel and golf complex, the manmade pond originally was called Spring Pond. It reportedly became known as Jew Pond after two Jewish businessmen bought the hotel and its grounds. They intended to make the pond bigger and call it Lake Serene, according to the Associated Press.

The pond is now located in Carleton Park on land donated by George O. Carleton.

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Jew Pond's Name Is Officially Changed

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