Glenn Beck vs. the Biblical Prophets

Deborah Lipstadt is wrong to suggest any equivalence between the left and the right when it comes to using Nazi analogies to attack political opponents ( “Glenn Beck Isn’t the Only Offender,” February 11).

The leftists Lipstadt cites as using Nazi comparisons do not have a major media outlet at their every beck (pun intended) and call. A one-time New York Times ad cannot be equated with Fox’s 24/7 programming.

Lipstadt also should have noted that a major focus of Glenn Beck’s attacks, the concept of social justice, was the signature issue of the biblical prophets. By equating calls for social justice with Nazism, Beck is, in effect, characterizing the Hebrew prophets as Nazis!

S.R. Cohen
Baltimore, Md.
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Glenn Beck vs. the Biblical Prophets

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