December 19, 2008

No Need To Hear Tyrants Pontificate

In deciding whether or not to attend the Durban II conference, the new president should take a cue from the Bush administration and spare taxpayers the expense of sending representatives to hear the usual claptrap about racism and discrimination from some of the worst human rights offenders on the face of the planet (“After Israel Pulls Out, Obama Faces Tough Decision on Durban II Racism Conference,” December 5).

Are our representatives to hear lectures on the sanctity of life and the dignity of man by those sent from Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Myanmar and similar hellholes? The conspicuous absence of the United States will send a message to the United Nations loudly and clearly that we do not countenance the galling hypocrisy of despots and dictators who wouldn’t know a human right if it bit them on the back side.

Bob Klein
Gainesville, Va.
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December 19, 2008

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