The Little Guy

I think most people respect the real job creators who deal with all the stress that goes into making pay roll each week. Yet it seems like the little guy has something to complain about in America today.

Pay for top management has gone up many times the past decades, while pay for most people has stagnated. The higher-ups have sent so much manufacturing overseas that a once broad middle class has greatly shrunk. Both the financial and housing meltdown suggest that management is not doing a good job running things despite all that compensation, but according to Noam Neusner’s column (“Have Some Empathy for the Entrepreneur,” April 20), we should not pester wealthy employers with these concerns. And does he really believe that only employers have built a thing in their lives? All the work done by employees does not count, no matter how skillful. This is divisive nastiness.

What portion of the very wealthy are really the type of entrepreneurs Neusner describes. His is an accurate description of what it is like to head a small business, but the bulk of small business owners make pretty modest incomes. Some in the top 1% started out as this sort of entrepreneur, yet most of the one percent probably started as managers of established ventures. Having a range of voices in the Forward is a great idea but this column did not spur a constructive discussion.

Scott Hertzberg

Upper Marlboro, Md.

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The Little Guy

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