Orthodox Population Grows Faster Than First Figures in Pew #JewishAmerica Study

The Orthodox population is growing much faster than initial reports from the Pew study suggested. New figures reveal more than a quarter of Jews under age 18 live in Orthodox homes.

Answer This Question: Why Be Jewish?

The Pew study has told us about the dismal state of Jewish continuity, writes Jay Michaelson. That should prompt us to be able to answer: Why be Jewish at all?

Leaders: From left, Rabbi Julie Schonfeld of the Rabbinical Assembly; Cantor Stephen Stein of the Cantors Assembly; Rabbi Steven C. Wernick of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies.

How Conservative Judaism Lost Me

Michah Gottlieb grew up a deeply engaged Conservative Jew, but he no longer identifies that way. What happened — and what does it tell us about the denomination’s troubles?

The Author: Israel Zangwill, in 1913, the man who coined ?The Melting Pot? as a phrase and idea,

Diving Into 'The Melting Pot' for Answers on Pew Survey of #Jewish America

Maybe it’s time to turn to literature and a historic play to understand why the reaction to the Pew study has been so fierce. A professor chooses ‘The Melting Pot’ for answers.

Funny Man: Woody Allen is part of a long tradition of Jewish humor.

Laughing Until We Cry (Thanks, Pew Survey on #JewishAmerica!)

Leonard Fein is not surprised that the Pew survey found 42% of us think sense of humor is important to Jewish identity. How else would we cope?

4 Things To Do About Pew Survey Findings on #JewishAmerica

The Pew survey presented a bleak portrait of the American Jewish future. Jerry Silverman and Michael Siegal offer a concrete plan for changing direction.

Where Is the Good News in Pew Survey on #JewishAmerica?

EDITORIAL: Where is the good news in the Pew survey? Jewish identity and pride is being reimagined in extraordinary ways — but it’s also being diluted beyond recognition.

Jews Shape American Culture More Than Ever — Even as Pew Warns of Assimilation

The Pew survey includes shocking findings about assimilation, but Alan Wolfe urges us to consider the flip side. Jews are having a greater impact on American culture than ever before.

Pew Stands By Sweeping Findings on #JewishAmerica in Face of Criticism

The Pew survey stands by its sweeping findings about Jewish America. It says Forward columnist J.J. Goldberg fundamentally misunderstood comparisons to past polls.

And Now for Some Good News About the Pew Survey

There are more American Jews than ever before, intermarriage rates are steady, and we have never been prouder. So Bethamie Horowitz asks: why the doom and gloom about the Pew survey?