Fall Books 2012

Street Walker: When he walks down a street, Michael Chabon says he feels as though he?s walking through time.

Michael Chabon's Life Is Reflected in ‘Telegraph Avenue’

Michael Chabon’s home in Berkeley is an oasis amidst the university town clatter and clutter. It reminds the author of his idyllic melting pot hometown in suburban Maryland.

A.M. Homes' Novel Addresses '70s Childhood

A.M. Homes calls her new work a ‘midlife coming-of-age novel,’ which makes ‘May We Be Forgiven’ sound sweet or langorous. In truth, it’s neither.

Michael Feinstein performs during a taping of the PBS series ?Michael Feinstein?s American Songbook.?

Michael Feinstein Strikes Up The Bland

Michael Feinstein’s ‘The Gershwins and Me,’ is a sustained act of homage to the legendary composers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it a great book.

Deli Magic: Jami Attenberg asked her father about the magic of the delicatessen, and wound up finding out some things about his past, and her?s.

Jami Attenberg Phones Home

Jami Attenberg wanted to investigate why she’s so interested in food (which plays a big role in her novel, ‘The Middlesteins’). So she called her father to find out.

Assimilated Author: Susan Isaacs grew up in a less-than-observant home, but coming late to the party informs her Jewish fiction.

Don’t Know Much About Semitism

Susan Isaacs came from an assimilated family that had a Christmas tree. The author explains how coming to faith late in life informs her approach to Jewish fiction.