Menachem Stark

Menachem Stark Suspect Indicted in Murder

A Brooklyn construction worker was indicted for the kidnapping and murder of Brooklyn real estate developer Menachem Stark.

Construction Worker Kendal Felix Charged in Menachem Stark Murder

Police have charged a construction worker with the kidnap-murder of Brooklyn Hasidic businessman Menachem Stark. They say he confessed to the crime, which was a botched robbery.

Menachem Stark Wins $18K Raffle After Death

Menachem Stark, the Hasidic Brooklyn landlord and father of seven who was abducted and murdered in January, was the winner of an $18,000 raffle drawn Wednesday night, according to the Jewish Political Updates website.

Menachem Stark's DNA Found in Kidnap Van Seized By Police

Traces of DNA of Brooklyn real estate developer Menachem Stark was found in a van seized by police in the investigation of his kidnapping and murder.

Where's Menachem Stark's Missing $1.7M?

Police are reportedly investigating what happened to $1.7 million that vanished from a business account tied to slain Brooklyn real estate developer Menachem Stark.

Menachem Stark Kidnap Van Found — Will Phone Lead to Killers?

The van used in the kidnapping and murder of Hasidic real estate developer Menachem Stark has been found in Brooklyn — along with a cell phone that police think may lead to his killers.

Cell Phone Strapped To Bottom of Menachem Stark's Car Give Police New Lead

Police investigators working on the Menachem Stark case announced this weekend that they discovered a cell phone strapped to the bottom of Stark’s car, which they believe was used as a tracking device by Stark’s abductors. The police are currently searching for the owner of the phone.

Menachem Stark — Just Another Hasid?

Menachem Stark’s tragic murder somehow inspired an astonishing attack on the entire Hasidic world. Mordechai Lightstone writes that’s very un-New York — and just plain wrong.

Fighting Jewish Slumlords Isn't Anti-Semitic

A Brooklyn tenant organizer asks: How can we rally against nameless Jewish real estate tycoons without being labeled anti-Semitic?

Menachem Stark's Suspected Killer Caught in Breakthrough Video

A new surveillance video offers the first look at a possible suspect in the murder of Brooklyn real estate developer Menachem Stark.