New York

New York Delays Deal on Circumcision RIte

A proposal to cancel a requirement for signed parental consent for a controversial circumcision rite set to be presented to the New York Board of Health was postponed.

Met Council Insurance Broker Gets 18 Months for $9M Fraud

Another co-conspirator in the scheme that stole approximately $9 million from New York’s Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty was sentenced to prison.

NYPD Investigating Suspicious Activity Outside 2 Brooklyn Synagogues

The New York Police Department is investigating suspicious activity outside of two Brooklyn synagogues.

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein Charity Eyed by N.Y. Prosecutor Eric Schneiderman

The New York Attorney General’s Office has sent letters to the charitable foundation of financier Jeffrey Epstein seeking information on whether it is complying with state registration requirements.

New York Schools To Close on Muslim Holidays

New York will become the first major city to close its public schools for Muslim holidays.

How Ancient Circumcision Rite Sparked Modern Schism

Like circumcision itself, metzitzah b’peh goes back to Biblical times. But 19th century doctors — and rabbis — thought they reformed the rite for good.

Columbia and Cornell Make Top 10 for 'Jew Hatred'

Ivy League schools Columbia and Cornell were among the American college campuses with the “worst anti-Semitic activity” in 2014, according to a list prepared by a conservative think tank.

Ex-New York Speaker Sheldon Silver Pleads Not Guilty in Corruption Case

Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, one of the state’s most powerful politicians for two decades, pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges on Tuesday.

Interest Conflict: Orthodox members of the majority on the East Ramapo school board have presided over deep cuts in public schools, as most children in their community attend private yeshivahs.

Non-Orthodox Jews Find Voice as Sharp Battle Lines Drawn in New York Suburb

For years, non-Orthodox Jewish leaders largely stayed silent, caught in the middle between their Orthodox coreligionists and their non-Jewish neighbors.

New York Tweaks Pre-K Regulations To Suit Orthodox

New York City has developed new rules for its universal prekindergarten program in order to bring Orthodox religious schools under its educational umbrella.