Passover recipes

Green Eggs and Matzo Brei

Molly Yeh recounts the day her stoner neighbor turned her onto making matzo brei — and shares her rockin’ recipe, made with spinach, garlic, chives and heavy cream.

‘The Community Table’ Karpas Salad

Ideal for Passover or any time, this colorful salad features the spring herbs and bitter greens of the Seder plate, along with pine nuts, dates and pomegranate seeds.

Watch and Learn: Ben's Best Potato Pancakes

Watch Jay Parker make potato pancakes, then try it yourself. The Ben’s Best deli man provides the recipe.

Passover Recipe: How To Cook Like a Turk

There’s a good reason we only eat Kalli’ah once a year. The Turkish inspired beef, eggs and potato dish is not for the faint of heart. Seriously, if you have high cholesterol, just stop reading now. But if you enjoy the succulent rich taste of confit, this is the perfect Passover dish for you.

Roman Holiday: Pizzarelle Con Miele

Edith Arbib Anav, a Jewish Roman woman shares her recipe for Pizzarelle Con Miele, a classic local Passover cookie made with cocoa, pine nuts, lemon and honey.

Passover Sweets — The Best Recipes on the Web

Making a delectable Passover dessert is a challenge worthy of appearing on Iron Chef — no leavening, no flour, and if your Seder has meat, no butter. Fortunately, our favorite food sites and cookbook authors have suggestions and recipes.

Meet Mitchell Davis: Matzo Ball Master

Mitchell Davis might just make the world’s best matzo ball soup. He doesn’t believe in baking soda or seltzer — just his mother’s recipe and amazing stock.

Mitchell Davis's Master Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

Mitchell Davis shares his spectacular matzo ball soup recipe. If you want to try it, don’t worry, we won’t tell your bubbe.

The Complete Guide To Hosting a Seder

Hosting a Passover Seder combines the culinary expectations of Thanksgiving with an Iron Chef like challenge. Our guide is here to help with tips, a calendar and recipes.

Move Over Elijah! Julia Child Is Coming to Seder

This slowly braised, juicy brisket is like a Jewish take on Julia Child’s legendary boeuf bourguignon. Pair it with a rich quinoa risotto.