Summer Books

Rethinking Kafka: A new book turns interpreting Kafka on its head.

On Franz Kafka's Birthday, Looking Through Lens of his Sexuality

If ever there was an author whose works resisted analysis, it’s Franz Kafka. A new book emphasizes the author’s repressed homosexuality and fantasies about boys.

Bernstein?s New Collection: Famed poet explores Jewishness in his latest work.

Charles Bernstein Makes Lovely Cacophony in his Latest Collection

Charles Bernstein’s first collection of actual new poetry in seven years is a culmination of his ideas and here more than ever, the poet engages with his Jewishness.

Carpe Diem Maybe: 43-year-old Montreal humorist Jonathan Goldstein is out with a new collection of essays called ?I?ll Seize The Day Tomorrow.?

Radio Kvetcher Jonathan Goldstein Is Still Learning How To Grow Up

Jonathan Goldstein, producer of WireTap and author of a new essay collection called “I’ll Seize The Day Tomorrow” reflects on his career and his persistent immaturity.

Unearthly Powers: In her debut novel, ?The Golem and the Jinni,? Helene Wecker conjures up two mystical creatures.

Debut Novelist Helene Wecker Dreams of Jinnis (and Golems)

In ‘The Golem and the Jinni,’ Helene Wecker mines the mysticism of two peoples so masterfully that it is hard to believe it is her first novel.

That Obscure Object of Literature: French-Jewish writer Georges Perec?s dream journal ?La Boutique Obscure? has finally been published in English.

Interpreting the Holocaust Dreams of Literary Puzzle Master Georges Perec

Georges Perec was a founder of the so-called OULIPO movement. The publication of “La Boutique Obscure” represents a growing interest in his work.

The 12 New (Jewish) Books For Summer

We survey the best of new Jewish lit, from debut fiction to biographies of Franz Kafka and the creators of Superman. There’s even a story about Anne Frank’s older sister.

Going Back To Mass: For her new novel, ?Is This Tomorrow,? Caroline Leavitt revisits her childhood in a Christian suburb of Waltham.

Growing Up Jewish in Christian Suburbia

In the early 1960s, it was tough to be part of the only Jewish family in a Christian suburb of Boston. Best-selling author Caroline Leavitt revisits that troubled period.

A Little Surprising: ?Little Women? has served some Jewish immigrants to America as a tool of assimilation. But, as it turns out, the novel?s author Louisa May Alcott came from Sephardic Jewish ancestry.

Discovering Louisa May Alcott's Jewish History on Portuguese Tour

Louisa May Alcott, author of ‘Little Women,’ had dark features that some attributed to her Jewish ancestry. An author journeyed to Portugal to find out more.