The Jewish Vote 2012

Parsing the Vote: President Barack Obama won a slightly smaller share of the Jewish vote in 2012, compared to last time, polls suggest. But what does it all mean?

How Big Was Obama's Jewish Win?

Once the votes are counted, politicos turn to arguing over just how many Jews voted for the Democrats and why. Not surprisingly, 2012 is no different.

Bad Night for the Jewish Echo Chamber

For the Jewish establishment, Barack Obama’s big win is a rude awakening. Conservatives who regard the president as an existential threat to Israel are scratching their heads.

Don?t Take Bait: It is tempting to conclude that the Democrats now enjoy a demographic stranglehold on national politics. But extrapolating from the present into the future with a straight line rarely works out well.

Obama Channels Bush's Strategy To Win

President Obama’s victory wasn’t revelatory. He simply channeled George W. Bush’s timeworn strategy to win a second term in the White House.

Great Expectations

FORWARD EDITORIAL: Perhaps the great national achievement was not electing the first African-American president. It was doing it again.

Little Hope for Change Seen by Jews

Jews were supposed to vote on Israel and Medicare. They didn’t. Despite palpable disillusionment, they backed President Obama with just a small dip in support from 2008.

Pulling the Handle: With early voting underway, Las Vegas voters are already casting their votes in the crucial swing state of Nevada.

Las Vegas Jews Caught in Adelson's Shadow

The long shadow of casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson looms over Las Vegas as the election nears. Despite economic woes, Israel is dominating the debate in Nevada.

Sympathy for the Undecided

It’s open season on that much ridiculed species: the undecided voter. They actually deserve sympathy because the campaign has been so devoid of specifics.

What Readers Think About the Election

The results of the Forward’s polls are in, and the results may not surprise you. Which in itself may be a surprise.

The Forward's Election Poll: Jewish Issues

How much will Jewish issues affect your vote in the 2012 election? Don’t miss the final question in our election poll.