Is Their Baby Really Jewish?

Her Jewish friend had a baby with her non-Jewish husband — they chose not to circumcise their son. She asks the Seesaw, our advice column, what this means for the child’s Jewish future.Read More

Should I Tell My Son To Only Date Jews?

A father contemplates telling his son about the struggles involved in marrying a convert to Judaism. He asks the Seesaw, our advice column, if he should encourage him to only date Jews.Read More

What Kind of Jewish Name is O'Donnell?

A woman is engaged to a man with a very Irish last name. She asks the Seesaw, our advice column, whether she should take his name — or keep her Jewish one.Read More

Should I Let My Bisexuality Get In the Way of Conversion?

A young woman is considering an Orthodox conversion while also coming to terms with her bisexuality. She asks the Seesaw, our advice column, what she should do next.Read More

Should I Tell My Parents About Non-Jewish Boyfriend?

A college student went away for her freshman year and started dating a non-Jewish boyfriend. She asks the Seesaw, our advice column, whether to tell her traditionalist parents about him.Read More

I Was Expecting a More Jewish Father

After five years of marriage, a woman asks the Seesaw, our new advice column, how much she should expect her husband to participate in raising their kids Jewish.Read More

Celebrating Easter Might Just Make You More Jewish

A grumpy Jewish grandfather might be wary of his granddaughter’s celebrating Easter with the in-laws. But the Seesaw says it might just make her appreciate Judaism more.Read More

Teetering on the Edge of the Mikveh

A soon-to-be-married woman tells the Seesaw she’s excited to take part in his Jewish life — synagogue, Yom Kippur fasts and all. But go to the mikveh and convert — why should she?Read More

Don't Fry Your Bacon Near My Kosher Eggs

A child of intermarriage becomes more religious — but his family just doesn’t get why he’s so observant. The Seesaw tries to help him resolve the tension.Read More

Is Tikkun Olam Enough to Counter Jesus?

The Seesaw helps a man figure out how to balance his secular Judaism with his churchgoing partner’s powerful Christian faith.Read More

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