I'm a Jew Contemplating Conversion to Judaism

After decades of living happily as a Jew, a woman considers undergoing an Orthodox conversion. She asks the Seesaw to help her figure out if it’s worth it.Read More

We Say the Motzi, They Say Grace

When a Jewish mom goes to the in-laws for dinner, everyone is expected to say grace. She asks the Seesaw how to avoid this awkward moment and explain it to her son.Read More

My In-Laws Won't Stop Criticizing Israel

As he embarks on a beach vacation with in-laws who can’t stop criticizing Israel, a man asks the Seesaw how to talk about the Jewish state with his non-Jewish family.Read More

My Son's Curious About God and My Wife Doesn't Believe

He believes and she doesn’t. Their son is asking questions. A couple asks the Seesaw about how they should talk about God with their child.Read More

What If My Roommates Smoke Pot on Shabbat?

A Modern Orthodox women is heading back to college this fall and plans to live with non-Jews for the first time. The Seesaw helps her prepare for surprises — both good and bad.Read More

Can I Survive Without the Tribe in Goyish Midwest?

A pregnant Jewish women contemplates leaving New York with her husband for a small Midwest city. The Seesaw helps her envision what life in goy-land might be like — un-kosher matzo and all.Read More

Does Junior Need Jewish Preschool — or Is Shabbat Sing-Along Enough?

Two parents weigh sending their child to Jewish preschool. They ask the Seesaw whether a Shabbat sing-along program might do the trick — without some of the pitfalls.Read More

Will Jewish Camp Turn My Sons Into Members of Tribe?

A non-Jewish mother is sending her sons away to Jewish camp. She wants them to have a great time, but asks the Seesaw how to make sure they don’t return too Jewish.Read More

My Children Married Non-Jews — and It Breaks My Heart

An observant father is heartbroken that both his children married non-Jews and are raising families outside the faith. Should he stick to his guns — or is it time to move on?Read More

When Mr. Right Hates Israel

He’s everything she wants and one thing she doesn’t want: anti-Israel. The Seesaw helps her figure out if his politics should be a dating dealbreaker.Read More

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