100-Proof Grogger

We love Purim, but there sure is a lot to do. Like hamantaschen, the holiday is jam-packed. You’ve got to assemble and deliver shalach manot, hear the Megillah twice, give charity, plus eat and drink to excess. How do you fit it all in? This year, make the most of your time by multitasking with this handy drink-shaker/noisemaker. You can blot out Haman’s name and mix up a tasty martini at the same time. It’s a grog-filled grogger! It’s two birds with one stone! Enjoy.

You will need:

Martini shaker

Noisy decorations (beads, bells, etc.)

Other embellishments (cord, Stars of David, what-have-you)

Needle and thread


Drink fixings

  1. Take your martini shaker, and decorate to your heart’s content. We stitched bells, beads and Stars of David to decorative cord, then glued the whole megillah to the sides. A glittery Star of David topped it off.

  2. Fill the martini shaker with your favorite drink fixings.

  3. Take your new grogger to Purim services. Every time Haman’s name comes up, shake, shake, shake. L’chaim!

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100-Proof Grogger

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