Transform Your Chrome With The Backward Purim Plugin

Are you sick of seeing BDS given credence across the interwebs?

Worried that Zionism and Judaism have lost their magic in the transition to digital platforms?

Disappointed that Donald Trump isn’t getting his full regal dues?

Our virile new owner Sheldon Adelson has provided a grant to develop this Chrome browser plug in. Just click on link to the approved browser plugin site and install the Backward booster for happier surfing.

Transform your Chrome using this plugin

Delight your co-workers with it, but when your boss comes around you can enable and disable the plugin by clicking on the Backward icon in the top right of the browser window.

Here’s how nice it can look!

or perhaps:

and, it’s good to keep tabs on the latest news of the Donald:


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Transform Your Chrome With The Backward Purim Plugin

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