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Stephen Miller’s Uncle Has A Message For Him: Get Married And Get Empathy

No one really wants unsolicited relationship advice from his uncle, but White House Advisor Stephen Miller is getting just that for Hanukkah.

On a December 6 episode of Vox Media’s “Consider This,” Miller’s uncle, Dr. David Glosser, who made headlines earlier this year for an op-ed criticizing his nephew’s immigration policies, advises Miller to “find a nice woman, fall in love, get married and have some kids.”

“Feel that surge of affection, that urge to protect that is such a wonderful part of human life,” Glosser says in a filmed monologue. “I think that might color your attitudes and make you more empathetic to people less fortunate than you or I.”

Before this bit of homespun guidance, Glosser gives a whole history lesson on just how fortunate he and his nephew are. In the episode, about the rise of hate crimes, Glosser explains how his branch of the family managed to leave Belarus and escape to America as refugees in the ‘30s. 75 other family members, unable to immigrate, died as victims of the Holocaust.

Glosser makes a direct comparison between the rhetoric brandished by Goebbels against the Jews and the talking points coming from the White House targeting asylum seekers.

“In order to justify a policy which is based on race, religion or exclusion they’ve decided to vilify people who are asking for asylum, accusing them all of being criminals, beasts, gang members, murderers and so forth,” Glosser said, and intercut news clips of the president and his nephew using almost the exact same phrasing back him up.

Glosser, a retired neuropsychologist, might well know how best to treat the troubled patient that is Stephen Miller, but armchair shrinks might wonder if a happy home life could be a cure-all for the guy. That said, blood is thicker than our own idle speculation. As Glosser says:

“Were my dead grandfather to hear of these policies being expounded so blithely by my young nephew Stephen I’m sure he’d be spinning in his grave.”

We have to take him at his word.

PJ Grisar is the Forward’s culture intern. He can be reached at

This story "Stephen Miller’s Uncle Has A New Message For Him" was written by PJ Grisar.


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Stephen Miller’s Uncle Has A Message For Him: Get Married And Get Empathy

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