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Stephen Miller’s Family Is Furious Over Family Separation Policy

White House policy advisor Stephen Miller has proudly praised the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border, calling it “a simple decision.” But members of Miller’s family are furious, harshly criticizing the plan he spearheaded.

“Why aren’t people out demonstrating about children being thrown in cages?” Miller’s relative Patti Glosser Rudick wrote on Facebook last week. “Have we become so immune that we stopped caring?…This is sick sick sick.”

Miller’s uncle, David S. Glosser, re-posted a lengthy comment he wrote for the local newspaper in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in October 2016. “With all familial affection I wish Stephen career success and personal happiness, however I cannot endorse his political preferences,” he wrote.

Glosser, whose sister Miriam Glosser Miller is Stephen Miller’s mother, wrote that the Glosser family, who were Jewish, “escaped Europe as dirt poor immigrants, joined the community, built businesses, and honestly sold goods to their fellow Johnstowners.”

“My nephew and I must both reflect long and hard on one awful truth,” he concluded. “If in the early 20th century the USA had built a wall against poor desperate ignorant immigrants of a different religion, like the Glossers, all of us would have gone up the crematoria chimneys with the other six million kinsmen whom we can never know.”

The status was liked by four other members of the Glosser clan.

Glosser in particular has been outspoken against the Trump administration on Facebook. “Despots divide and rule by blaming vulnerable minorities for all of society’s ills,” he wrote last month. “They promise prosperity, order, and a resumption of a mythical great past era from which they claim authority….’I am the only one who can lead the nation forward and make us great again!’ was the rant of Mussolini, Hitler, and a host of other tyrants since time immemorial.”

“Beautifully said David,” Glosser Rudick wrote.

Miller grew up in a liberal environment in Southern California. But he became an ardent conservative as a teenager and became a Republican aide before joining the Trump White House as an acolyte of former political supremo Steve Bannon.

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Stephen Miller’s Family Furious Over Family Separation

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Stephen Miller’s Family Is Furious Over Family Separation Policy

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