Neo-Nazi’s Permit Still Incomplete for Montana Anti-Jewish March

    A week before he is scheduled to lead an armed march against local Jews in Whitefish, Montana, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin finally submitted a permit application to the city — but it’s incomplete.

    Vanice Woodbeck, the assistant clerk in Whitefish, told the Forward she received Anglin’s application Monday morning. She said she notified Anglin he was missing components to his application, but would not offer details.

    Anglin, founder and editor of the Daily Stormer website, called for the rally in the city of Whitefish in support of “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer, who lives there part-time. Anglin timed the march to coincide with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday.

    Local human rights activists, including prominent Jewish leaders, have pushed back against Spencer’s brand of white nationalism for years. Spencer’s mother owns property in the small town and has complained some locals are pressuring her to denounce her son’s ideology and sell her building.

    White supremacists say Jews are victimizing Spencer and his family as part of a wider plot to undermine white Americans.

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    This story "In Whitefish, Montana, Neo-Nazi Files Incomplete Paperwork for Anti-Jewish March" was written by Sam Kestenbaum.

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    Neo-Nazi’s Permit Still Incomplete for Montana Anti-Jewish March

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