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Hard-Right German Holocaust Deniers Tour Yad Vashem

What’s it like to go on a tour of Israel with far-righters who deny the Holocaust, but love Israel because it knows how to deal with the “Muslim problem?” Wait no longer, because an undercover reporter from Neon Magazine did that, traveling with individuals from the fringe on a trip last year to the Jewish state.

Called “Modern Israel: Politics, Army, Society and Fun,” the junket was organized by the far-right Politically Incorrect blog, which is associated with the Alternative for Germany party. Over the course of the trip, participants asked their tour guides if there was a “Jewish gene,” laughed about blowing up a Tel Aviv mosque and speculated that the “American establishment” was responsible for the Holocaust (if indeed it did occur).

Other highlights included when the visitors said that Africans’ presence in Tel Aviv meant that “invaders” had taken over the city, and a trip to a Gush Etzion firing range, where the group simulated mowing down “terrorists,” telling the undercover reporter that the exercise would help them fight Arabs and anti-fascists.

While it might seem grotesque from the outside, Politically Incorrect has called the vacation a success, and is planning another one for May.

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Holocaust Deniers from Germany Tour Yad Vashem in ‘Alt-Right’ Vacation

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Hard-Right German Holocaust Deniers Tour Yad Vashem

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