Yiannopoulos Tells Jews Not to Vote for ‘Anti-Semitic’ Democrats

Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s tech editor and darling of the “alt-right,” the label preferred by contemporary white supremacists, has some advice for American Jews: Change up those voting patterns.

“Stop voting Democrat for a start, Jews keep voting for the Democrats,” he said in a talk at Western Carolina University last month. “Progressives care a lot about almost every kind of bigotry except anti-Semitism, which they have no problem privately indulging in. Unless they spot it happening and think it might be damaging, then they acquire this new respect for the Jews.”

The right-wing provocateur, who has been touring American university campuses as part of his “Dangerous Faggot” tour, has gotten himself into some trouble when it comes to Jews. At a similar talk in December, he criticized Jewish members of the press as “thick as pig-shit media Jews,” in response to what he perceived as liberal bias among them. Yiannopoulous, who is openly gay and originally from Britain, does have Jewish ancestry, with a maternal Jewish grandmother. According to Jewish law, he is thus himself Jewish.

A fellow traveler of the “alt-right,” Yiannopoulos has risen to prominence and scored a book deal thanks to racist, sexist and otherwise inflammatory remarks. He was an ardent backer of President-elect Donald Trump, whom he refers to as “Daddy.”

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Yiannopoulos Tells Jews Not to Vote for ‘Anti-Semitic’ Democrats

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