Richard Spencer and White Supremacists Aim for Bigger Platform With ‘’

    Richard Spencer and his cadre of white supremacists launched a new online magazine on Martin Luther King Day, in what appears to be a bid to create their own version of National Review or The Nation.

    “ brings together the best writers and analysts from Alt Right, in North America, Europe, and around the world,” reads the site’s online description, listing Richard Spencer as the publication’s American editor.

    Recent headlines hew to the ideology of the “alt-right,” which is the label preferred by contemporary white supremacists. One blasts the all-female remake of the “Ghostbusters” movie as “cultural Marxism.” Another reads fascist meanings into the work of late musician David Bowie. An opinion piece alleges that conservative philosopher Leo Strauss used his writings to promote Jews as elites.

    Production values are high, in keeping with Spencer’s well-documented persona as a well-dressed, smooth-talking racist.

    “With Trump’s Inauguration on Friday, we are going to need to create a bigger platform to advance our agenda in the years ahead,” said Hunter Wallace, an editor at the site.

    According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the site’s editors and backers are united by a shared commitment to anti-Semitism.

    William Regnery, the site’s publisher, also backs Occidental Quarterly, edited by disgraced academic Kevin MacDonald who has compared Jews to viruses. News editor Brad Griffin entered the blogosphere with his site “Anti-Semitica.” Spencer has in the past led Nazi salutes and given interviews to Daily Stormer creator Andrew Anglin.

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    Richard Spencer and White Supremacists Aim for Bigger Platform With ‘’

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