Is Stephen Miller Trump’s ‘Minister of Truth?’

Stephen Miller, President Trump’s controversial and enigmatic national policy director, has been gaining the new leader’s confidence, even as other aides fall out of favor or run into trouble representing their boss.

In a cover story for Bloomberg Businessweek, Joshua Green refers to Miller as the White House’s “minister for truth,” diving into his influence over the administration’s priorities and messaging. While some fault Miller for an off-putting mien (recently displayed when he made on the Sunday show), he’s apparently well-regarded by Trump, who admires his aide’s willingness to defend outlandish claims on issues like voter fraud and the media.

And perhaps as importantly, he inspires devotion from his boss Steve Bannon, the chief White House strategist who went on the record for the profile. “It’s just like any opposition party,” he said of the media’s supposed attacks on Miller. “They’ll try to take out some of the best young people in any organization. Stephen is a tough guy, I can tell you from the campaign. He’s used to being absolutely vilified.”

So far, it seems it’s Bannon and Miller’s White House, as the administration takes strong measures to enact its economic nationalist vision, whether it’s putting out new directives that encourage deportations to the Muslim ban to castigating the press as “the enemy of the American people.”

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Is Stephen Miller Trump’s ‘Minister of Truth?’

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