Israeli Arab Goes Viral With 328 One-Minute Videos

    For the past 328 days, Nuseir Yassin has been traveling the world - from Nigeria to Myanmar, the Philippines to Mount Fuji - making daily one-minute videos that shine a light on the people, places and passions he comes across: good, bad and in-between.

    The style and format - quick cuts, an engaging delivery and snappy subtitles - have helped make the videos go viral. Some of his mini-films have earned 25 million views.

    “I just wanted to do something that felt meaningful,” Yassin, 24, an Israeli-born Palestinian and Harvard graduate who goes by the name Nas. “I realized that I’d lived 32 percent of my life and there was so much more I wanted to do.”

    He wears a t-shirt bearing an image of a battery charger showing 32 percent of life complete.

    In the early stages, Yassin felt his videos were sometimes touristy - “look at this place,” “how cool is this?” - but now he structures each more carefully.

    In recent days, he has explored the social gaps between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs, efforts to bring both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict together via culture and security issues in Israel.

    “I’ve learnt how amazingly flexible people are,” he said. “I’m enjoying it.”—Reuters

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    Israeli Arab Goes Viral With 328 One-Minute Videos

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