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Revelio! Hogwarts Haggadah Ready — Just In Time For Passover

A new addition to the Harry Potter saga is about to hit the shelves — this time in the form of a haggadah.

Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg of Queens, New York is set to release his “Unofficial Hogwarts Haggadah” within the next two weeks.

“The entire Harry Potter series, and each book, contains many of the key elements and lessons of the Exodus story,” says Rosenberg. “Uplifting the downtrodden, sharing our current wealth and prosperity with others, education” and the list goes on. “The enthusiasm for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ really assured me that there’s still an enormous appetite out there for Harry Potter.”

The haggadah, the book used as a companion to the Passover seder, will include explanations of the Seder rituals and texts through a Harry Potter lens. A preview released on Facebook shows the page for the search for chametz, the leavened items prohibited on Passover. Rosenberg compares the search for chametz with Harry Potter’s search for the Horcruxes in the series’ seventh book.

Rosenberg’s fascination with Harry Potter is nothing new. He is also the author of “Morality for Muggles,” in which he discusses “intersections of Harry Potter and Torah.”

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Hogwarts Haggadah Ready — Just In Time For Passover

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Revelio! Hogwarts Haggadah Ready — Just In Time For Passover

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