What Does The ‘Alt-Right’ Want? The ADL Explains In A Handy Graphic

What does the “alt-right” really want?

Last month the white nationalist Counter-Currents editor John Morgan laid out the movement’s principles at a talk in Stolkholm. A slick infographic of nine core demands of the “alt-right” was later posted online.

At first glance, the demands and language appear surprisingly tame.

So Mark Pitcavage, a researcher for the Anti-Defamation League, offered his own “annotation,” parsing out meanings and references to the nine parts of the manifesto that might escape everyday readers.

“Alt-right”: “Strong, high-trust communities for our people.”
ADL translation: “They hate non-whites and really seek a whites only society.”

“Alt-right”: “Protection from the globalist elite.”
ADL translation: “For the Alt Right, ‘globalist elite’ is mostly Jews.”

“Alt-right”: “Protection from international corporate oppression.”
ADL translation: “They don’t want trade with Jews and non-whites.”

See the full annotated document here. (And here’s the original graphic, without the annotation)

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What Does The ‘Alt-Right’ Want? The ADL Explains In A Handy Graphic

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