White Supremacist Killer Read ‘Alt-Right’ Website Daily Stormer

    The white nationalist who fatally stabbed a black man in New York said he cultivated his worldview online, where he frequented websites like the “alt-right” neo-Nazi hub the Daily Stormer.

    In a Sunday interview with the Daily News, 28-year-old white nationalist James Jackson said he hoped his killing of a black man would discourage interracial mixing and that he believed whites are under attack and forgotten in this country.

    “The white race is being eroded,” Jackson said. “No one cares about you. The Chinese don’t care about you, the blacks don’t care about you.”

    Jackson said his childhood home was liberal and Democratic. He graduated from a Quaker school in Baltimore. Jackson said he only shared his views with “like-minded people” online and mentioned the website Daily Stormer by name.

    The Daily Stormer takes its name from the Nazi propaganda sheet Der Stürmer and is now considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the country’s “top hate site.”

    In a March 23 article on the Daily Stormer, the website’s editor Andrew Anglin called last week’s attack “a horrible incident.”

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    White Supremacist Killer Read ‘Alt-Right’ Website Daily Stormer

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