Like Trump, Jewish Governor Of Missouri Tries To Avoid Journalists

    Missouri governor Eric Greitens loves communicating with his constituents via Facebook. But what he really doesn’t care for is good old fashioned media. And the press is starting to get antsy.

    “This is the most reclusive, inaccessible and unengaged governor I’ve ever covered,” Phill Brooks, a reporter for the local CBS radio affiliate in St. Louis told the Kansas City Star which ran an article discussing Greitens’ policy of avoiding the press.

    The new governor has held only one press conference since taking office. Greitens and his aides, according to the reports, frequently ignore questions from the press, and the governor’s communication office has recently installed a keypad lock, blocking reporters from walking in with inquires.

    Instead, Greitens turns to Facebook, where he speaks directly to his 170,000 followers without pesky reporters imposing tough questions.

    Why is Greitens avoiding the press?

    It could have to do with repeated attempts by local media outlets to reveal the identity of donors to his inaugural events and to a non-profit organization recently set up in order to advance the governor’s agenda. Greitens refused to disclose the names of his donors.

    Greitens, who is the first Jewish governor of Missouri, attended the AIPAC conference in Washington this week.

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    This story "Eric Greitens Takes Heat From Missouri Press" was written by Nathan Guttman.

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    Like Trump, Jewish Governor Of Missouri Tries To Avoid Journalists

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