Richard Spencer Glitter-Bombed At White House Protest Against Syria Strike

Richard Spencer’s Washington, D.C. protest against President Trump’s airstrike in Syria drew a crowd – including a heavy contingent of counter-protesters out to make the white nationalist’s day miserable.

“We want walls, not war,” the Spencer group was said to have repeated, before it was encircled by a group of counter-protesters.

The two sides traded chants, with the demonstrators screaming “make America great again” and their opponents shouting “make America punch Richard again.”

Toward the end of the confrontation, someone appeared to throw glitter on Spencer, a tactic widely known as “glitter bombing.”

The ‘alt-right’ – a term that Spencer coined to describe the loosely affiliated group of white nationalists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis – has opposed Trump’s intervention in Syria.

Some have alleged that it is the product of Israel’s power within the administration, or the work of establishment forces within the White House – like senior adviser Jared Kushner or economic aide Gary Cohn – who happen to be Jewish.

Trump launched a missile attack on an airbase that belonged to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad last week after reports that the regime used chemical weapons on civilians. The White House’s next steps on the Syrian crisis remain a matter of speculation at present.

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Richard Spencer Glitter-Bombed At White House Protest Against Syria Strike

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